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Tuesday, Nov 21, 2017
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Batik Hem
Batik Shirt
Short Sleeve Blouse
Long Sleeve Blouse
3/4 Sleeve Blouse
2 Metre Batik Cloth
4 Metre Batik Cloth
Fibre Pineapple
Batik Counterpane
Batik Tablecloth
Batik Saroong
Batik Shawl
Set Pangko
I n f o r m a t i o n
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Way of Transaction

  1. Find the product category, and then choose one of the products you want to order. Click detail to get complete information. Please click Add to bag for order and click Return to product list if you like to the other choice.

  2. All of your order and amount to be paid will come up in Shopping Cart. In this menu you will find by some choice button :
    • Cancel = for the cancellation of your order
    • Continue Shopping = if you wish to do transaction again
    • Checkout = for the admission filling of your identity and next process

  3. In Checkout form, please fill your identity compactly. attention ! Complete identity will make us easier in confirmation and delivery of goods.

  4. Please select the method of payment according to your wish. Paypal for the payment of online and BCA or Western Union for offline.

  5. If you do the right transaction, hence you'd get notification automatically from our system as sign that transaction which you succeed.

  6. For Payment with Paypal, hence delivery can be done immediately because payment of online, while for payment with BCA or Western Union hence delivery will be done by after us accept your payment confirmation.
    Confirmation of payment that you can do with confirmation email or sms goes to +62-858-42387301 / +62-812-84256646 with format :

    Pay with BCA :
    KP [Invoice Number] [Bank Name] [Amount of Transfer] [Date of Transfer] [Your Name]
    Example : KP BM00001 BCA Rp 100.000 21/11/2017 Wiwik Pujiastuti

    Pay with Western Union :
    KP [Invoice Number] [MCTN Number] [Amount of Transfer] [Date of Transfer] [Your Name]
    Example : KP BM00001 No.XXXX Rp 100.000 21/11/2017 Wiwik Pujiastuti

  7. We will send good's delivery to confirm through email accompanied by scrip certificates number of delivery which is used to trace delivery order.

  8. If you have accepted the goods, please confirm to us by e-mail

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