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Tuesday, Nov 21, 2017
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Tip and Trick How to Take Care of Batik

There are something which you need to pay attention to batik cloth to caring or cloth them remaining beauty among others shall be as follows :

  1. Cleaning a batik cloth by using hair shampoo. Previously, dissolving shampoo first till no more part of jelling. Afterwards newly batik cloth plunged. You also can use special detergent soap for the cloth of batik, which is sold in the market.

  2. If washing batik don't be rubb and don't use detergent. If your batik is not too dirty, you can clean it with warm water. But if your batik is hit by stain it is enough to clean it with toilet soap. However if its stain still there, you may use the peel of orange to the dirty part. Don't clean batik cloth by using washing machine.

  3. After the dirt has lose, you have to put to the shady place but you don't to need to extort it, let the cloth run dry naturally. At the time of putting to the sun you better draw part of cloth edge to be re-folded cloth fibre like former.

  4. Avoid ironing directly, if too tousled you can spray water above your batik cloth then arrange in be the layers to your batik with other cloth. This matter to avoid your batik cloth hit by direct heat of iron.

  5. When you wish to give deodorant and softener of cloth on batik tulis, don't be sprayed directly. Previously, close over first cloth with newspaper, then spray the deodorant and the softener of cloth. you better not spray direct perfume or perfume to clothes or cloth of silk batik have natural colourant.

  6. After ironed you would better kept your batik in plastic in order not to be eaten by moth. You would better not to give camphor because this is solid substance is too hard so that can destroy your batik cloth. It is better you give wrapped peppercorn with last tissue pack into your wardrobe to dissipate moth. Or you can use previous fragrant root and you dyed into hot water is later put to the sun, is then died again into hot water and put to the sun. After the fragrant root runs dry you newly can use it.


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