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Tuesday, Nov 21, 2017
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Agreement of Transaction

A. Ordering
  1. By doing transaction in BatikMarkets.com, it means that you have read, understood and agreed to this.
  2. Price and picture of product are based on what written in BatikMarkets.com.
  3. The wrong price and picture of product caused by the buyer such as the browser or ISP is assumed inapplicable.
  4. The damage of product or not accepted the product to hand of buyer caused by courier service is fully their responsible.
  5. The order could be done to the whole area where coped by appointed courier service.
  6. BatikMarkets.com is not responsible to unaccepted product to order caused by the mistaken order such as wrong name address.
  7. Proposing complaint on product after accepting at least 2 days after the product as accepted to our customer service.
  8. If there is necessary, the ordered should send ID card or Passport.
  9. If you have done order but do not do payment and unannounced in front, hence automatically the order will be canceled.

B. Payment and Delivery
  1. Payment can be transferred in bank or Western Union and Paypal, except in Pekalongan and surroundings. Payment can be done by Cash on Delivery (payment is paid after accepting the order).
  2. We serve in Rupiah (IDR) for pay with BCA or Western Union and American Dollar (USD) for Paypal.
  3. The delay of process transferring between banks is not the responsible of BatikMarkets.com.
  4. The negligence of in account or other information or negligence of bank party is not our responsible.
  5. Buyer have to deliver receipt of transfer if assumed to need
  6. Free shipping for you ordering uniform of batik minimum 500 pcs, example of : uniform of school, office, political party, party of nuptials etc.. Please to visit Uniform Ordering Batik Page to see ordering rule and example batik motif.
  7. Goods sent only using courier service of PT Pos Indonesia aside from for delivery in gross hence can use other package service of big package specialist which have been trusted by like Bhayangkara, Santoso, Cobra, ESL etc. because can depress delivery expense. Please to visit Shipping Fee Page to see the tables of the expense of delivery.
  8. Goods are sent after BatikMarkets.com receipt payment and confirmation and the payment has been settled.
  9. The payment has already settled if we received to our account as to amount of payment.
  10. The order shall be sent to the same day if the shipment schedule is possible. and stock still is available, this matter will be confirmed by BatikMarkets.com.
  11. The shipment will be addressed immediately based on the ordering.
  12. For the shipment have been paid , will be delivered to whole address, including PO BOX, hotel and also office.
  13. Original receipt of transfer kept by buyer and considered to be proof of ordering.

C. Cancellation of Transaction
  1. Transaction can only be canceled if we have received the money and the good have not been sent. For canceled transaction will cost 2% from amount of payment
    Example : Payment has been received from you $ US 1.000
                        The costs of cancellation is 2% x $ US 1.000 = $ US 20
  2. Cancellation of transaction can only be through e-mail and also telephone.
  3. Cancellation because of increasing of price, sold out stock or mistaken of product specification is not imposed by any expense and money will be returned.
  4. Return of transaction ( refund) can only be done by their account . The need of returning by other account is required the statement.
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