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Tuesday, Nov 21, 2017
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Batik Shawl
Set Pangko
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About Us

Effort and Activity

BatikMarkets.com is online batik shop selling Pekalongan's Batik. As usual a shop, we accept and accommodate batik from batik craftsman. Our Supplier is brother, friend, society and neighbor around Pekalongan which famous with the title Batik Town. It is represented the spirit of unity, family trying to offer you the best.

Besides online batik sell, Batikmarkets servicing batik makings corresponds to desirable motif included insert logo / device on undresses batik and also accept ordering uniform of batik, as uniform as batik for about office, need about hotel, nuptials, school, political party etc.. Minimal ordering is 1 kodi (20 pcs).

Mission and Vision

Assisting to make relationships between batik craftsman with consumer in the form of transaction online.
Partake to maintaining and preserving batik art which is representing as ancestor heritage tradition.
Making the batik is the one of the admirable art in the world, more famous and loved in the country and abroad.

Office Marketing

Address : BatikMarkets.com
    Kadipaten RT.05 RW.03 No.33
    Kecamatan Wiradesa - Pekalongan
    Jawa Tengah - Indonesia
Telephone : 0815-1930-4044 or 08787-8585-837
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